I come from a background in architecture, design and construction and have always enjoyed anything that allows me to work with my hands and actively “create” something beautiful.  But food, especially desserts and baked goods, has always held a special place in my heart – likely because my sweet tooth is insatiable! I think it’s the combination of these two interests that have really cultivated my love for baking. I have always been someone who loves precision and predictability.

I take comfort in the sensibility of numbers, structure, and routine. There is a whole science behind baking that I find exciting. It is important to be precise with ratios and ingredients to ensure success, but at the same time, there is this element of creativity and innovation in the design and execution.

I think those elements are what fostered my passion for baking. I find it incredibly rewarding to have a creative vision coupled with the ability to bring it to life.

Life is sweet with Sugar B Bakery

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Sugar B Bakery
55 Lowrey Avenue North
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