Our Environment and Sustainability Pursuit

When we started Sugar B Bakery, we wanted to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, which is why we have undertaken a number of initiatives to reduce our emissions footprint. At Sugar B Bakery, we understand that the success of a business depends on the success of the community. A business should contribute to the growth of its community, not succeed at the expense of it. Simply put, we consider the environmental impacts of every step of our operations in an effort to meet the triple bottom line.

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 Here are some examples of how we’re making a difference:

Re-Use, Re-Use, Re-Use

We invest in re-usable equipment and materials whenever possible.  We re-use all the piping bags needed for icing, transport all cupcakes in re-usable cupcake carriers and display at events with re-usable cupcake towers and display cases. We also collect all our baking ingredients in re-usable containers.  We try our best to avoid using single-use cupcake boxes, but when we do they are made from 100% recycled materials and are recyclable. To incentivize our customers to collect their cupcakes in re-usable containers, we offer a 5% discount on orders. Similarly, we charge a $1 environmental offset fee for orders requiring single-use cupcake boxes. With Sugar B Bakery, we reward your efforts to be environmentally conscious.

Energy Efficiency

All our powered baking and storage equipment carries the Energy Star label helping to reduce energy consumption in our operations through the use of energy efficient equipment and practices.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Our cupcake liners are made of unbleached, natural, compostable materials that do not contain any added chemicals, waxes or foreign substances.

Supporting Local

Where possible, our ingredients are purchased from local sources. Not only does this reduce the carbon footprint of our products, but it also supports the local economy and other start-ups like ours! Our main supplies; eggs, flour, sugar, and butter come from local farms and factories in Ontario and we remain committed to constantly evaluating our supplies and suppliers to ensure low-carbon operations.

Bullfrog Power

We offset our energy consumption with Bullfrog Power, a clean, green energy provider in Canada. This includes the embedded energy footprint of our ingredients, materials, and delivery.

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We know there is more we can do!

While we strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible, we know we’re a long way from getting everything right.  We are confronted with a dilemma that is common for many small businesses and start-ups in that we have limited resources to meet our operational demands. We know that it is often cost-effective to pursue pathways that don’t always consider environmental implications; however, we believe in evaluating the true cost and this isn’t always captured in monetary terms.  This includes the cost to ecosystem services, the social costs to the local communities we operate in and the economic cost. This is why we like to engage the community and our customers in developing our environmental sustainability standards. Below are a few areas where we are hoping to improve:


Our goal is to develop a relationship with the Faculty of Environment and the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development at the University of Waterloo and the Sustainable Business Management certificate within the Social and Environmental Justice program at Wilfred Laurier University to analyze and measure our carbon emissions and evaluate our sustainability efforts.

Sourcing of Ingredients

We are continually looking to source our ingredients in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. This means purchasing local-grown ingredients from environmentally conscious organizations.  As our business grows, we will look to develop a standard for our supplies and suppliers. We hope this relationship will help provide opportunities to facilitate student research and disruptive cross-sectional innovation while also deepening our relationship with the local community.

Electric Vehicle

While we strive to reduce the carbon footprint related to the ingredients our cupcakes are baked with, we also understand that there exists a carbon footprint in the delivery of our cupcakes. As such, our future goal is to trade-in our existing carbon-emitting delivery vehicle for an electric vehicle.

Zero Waste

Although we have adopted re-usable materials where possible, some operations continue to produce packaging waste.  We will continue to explore methods and initiatives to reduce and ultimately eliminate this waste stream.

Solar Powered Mobile Bakery

As Sugar B Bakery grows, we plan to expand to a mobile business. In pursuit of our dream of owning and operating a mobile bakery and bringing our artisan creations to many communities, we are developing a plan to develop a solar-powered trailer to fuel our operational electricity needs. With an electric vehicle to pull our solar-powered trailer, we will be cleaning both upstream and downstream distribution channels.

Life is sweet with Sugar B Bakery

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