My sweet tooth was insatiable growing up.  Didn’t matter what it was; chocolate, candy, ice cream, cupcakes.  I remember searching under couch cushions and carpets for spare change as a kid, then running to the corner store to fill up on 5-cent candies.

Childhood was always a game of how I could get my hands on something sweet.  It’s lucky I was a very active kid, if you didn’t catch me with my hand in the cookie jar, you’d find me on the soccer field or running in local track competitions.  I was always outside looking for new and creative ways to burn calories and feed my sweet addiction!

As I grew up, I developed a love for travel and spent many years exploring far-away lands, learning new cultures, and experiencing unique and traditional foods.  Sharing the experience of food in many different ways and with many different people showed me first-hand how food can bring people together.

Life is sweet with Sugar B Bakery

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