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How We Started:


Sugar B Bakery was born from a love of all things sweet.  When co-owners, Brandon Lewis and Jenessa Doherty met in the summer of 2017, they knew they were a perfect match after discovering their mutual appreciation for rich and decadent desserts.

Brandon, or B as he is lovingly referred to by Jenessa, would spend weekends experimenting with different types of cupcakes and desserts and Jen was always delighted to be his right hand quality control agent offering up her taste buds to his growing hobby.  Soon, she started calling him her Sugar B, so it was only natural that when they decided to start their own baking business, it was to be named Sugar B Bakery – where they could share their love of delicious desserts not only with their family, but with their community.

Brandon and Jenessa truly believe that food is the magical ingredient bringing people together and homemade, hand-crafted desserts have the ability to brighten any day or add a special element of love to any occasion.

Bee Trails at Sugar B Bakery
Jenessa Doherty at Sugar B Bakery


Brandon Lewis at Sugar B Bakery


Life is sweet with Sugar B Bakery

Head Office

Sugar B Bakery
55 Lowrey Avenue North
Cambridge, Ontario, N1R 5A4